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With our broad range of safe and efficient crop protection products, we improve crop yields and health in all stages of plant development.

Our insecticides and fungicides protect the crop from insects and disease, and improve plant vigor. Our herbicides control weeds which can reduce yields through competition for nutrients, water and light.

Syngenta’s world leading seed care technology helps plants in their critical growth stage to develop strong roots – the basis for a healthy crop and high yields.

Modern breeding creates high quality seed for corn and soybean, diverse field crops such as sunflower and oilseed rape, a broad range of vegetables and a large variety of flowers. The development of biotech traits, such as resistance against pests and tolerance of drought, helps to increase crop yields.

Lawn and Garden delivers plant health for professional growers and consumers through four product ranges: seeds and young plants, chemicals, growing media including peat and turf, and fertilizer to which we have access through partners.We also provide consumer products through partners including Compo in Europe and Central Garden & Pet in the USA.

The golf and turf business comprises products for golf courses, sports pitches and recreational amenities. The landscape and pest management business covers landscape maintenance, aquatics, forestry and professional pest control.

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