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Key Stages 1 & 2 Activities games Food, Farming and Environment
Key Stages 3 & 4 Biology Chemistry
Key Stage 5 Biology Chemistry

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We hope you enjoy your experience with the learning zone, it has been a huge team effort, combining with a multitude of external agencies to create resources related to what Syngenta do: Bring Plant Potential to Life!

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When you navigate through the website, this section gives you access to a vast array of downloadable materials:


- Students get a revision aid or an offline version of the exercise.

- Teachers get extra information and answers.


There is also a link to a video on youtube that is relevant to the lesson.


The dig deeper section supplies three links which are relevant to the page you are on, or will take you to new interesing areas of the learning zone!


The quick fact section gives students an extra piece of information relevant to the

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Some are quiz questions and you have to press show answer.

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