Annual Review 2012
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Financial Report 2012
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Corporate Governance Report and Compensation Report 2012
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Our Industry 2013
(Interactive version)

Our Industry 2013
(PDF - 4,862 KB)

Our Industry 2013 is packed with insights and useful facts, graphs and images from Syngenta and many external sources. It covers the global challenges relating to food security and includes sections on the major crops and on advances in agricultural technology.
Syngenta contribution to sustainable agriculture
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The brochure offers practical examples of Syngenta’s stewardship and community engagement worldwide.
Code of Conduct
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The Code of Conduct sets out the policy framework underpinning the behaviors towards Syngenta, fellow employees and the external world which are expected of every employee of the Syngenta group of companies worldwide. In addition it defines Syngenta policies on a range of issues core to the companys operations, to which all employees must adhere.


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