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The Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture

Syngenta Foundation

Our mission is to make a difference for smallholders in developing countries. By helping them become more professional growers, we want to achieve added value for rural communities. One way we do that is through technical innovation. Equally important is access to markets, enabling smallholders both to buy inputs and sell their produce. These and other factors are all essential for sustainably successful agriculture.

How do we work?

We focus on “pre-commercial farmers”, who typically own less than two hectares. Our work has two main goals: better productivity and stronger value chains. In both areas we work with a wide range of partners. They include state institutions, private companies, research institutes and non-governmental organizations (”NGOs“).

Raising yields

The Syngenta Foundation invests in methods that sustainably increase crop yields. Plant science, for example, develops better seeds specifically suited to local conditions. Sustainable productivity also requires appropriate commercial structures. So we additionally invest in credit systems, insurance and the distribution of market information.

Opening markets

The Syngenta Foundation gets value chains moving. We help smallholders to earn an income from their produce, for example by meeting high standards of quality and safety. We also establish partnerships in areas as varied as seed supply, environmental services and food processing.

Why is this important?

Worldwide, there are an estimated 450 million smallholder families. With new supporting services, methods and tools, they could further enhance their contribution to food security. Also, productive agriculture goes beyond filling plates. It forms a fundamental basis for overall economic development. Improving smallholders’ livelihoods is an essential part of the international battle against poverty and hunger.

Where will you meet us?

We currently run projects in, for example, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mali, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and Peru. 
The Foundation is based in Basel, Switzerland. We contribute worldwide to the development policy debate.

Where can you find further information?

If you would like to know more about the Syngenta Foundation, please visit our website:

Contact us

Contact us


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