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Syngenta Ventures

Syngenta Ventures invests globally in innovative businesses which help Bring plant potential to life.

As the venture capital arm of Syngenta, one of the world's leading agribusiness companies, Syngenta Ventures seeks to identify early stage companies with a strong technology base or new business model. Our team of investment professionals, together with the support of our 27,000 colleagues across the world, can help build valuable businesses benefitting both Syngenta and the investee company stakeholders.

Our international and multi-disciplinary team, located in the US and Europe, has extensive strategic and financial experience. Combined with Syngenta’s deep and broad capabilities, this helps portfolio companies maximize their value to achieve a successful outcome for both the company and its investors.

If you have an opportunity for Syngenta Ventures to consider please send us a non-confidential outline of the key components of your business plan consisting of no more than 2 pages of written text or 5 PowerPoint slides. A further explanation of our selection criteria and process is included in the FAQ section.


Syngenta Ventures takes confidentiality extremely seriously. During the preliminary screening phase please do not share with us confidential or proprietary information of any sort prior to a confidentiality agreement being signed. Any information sent to us or communicated by any means prior to a formal confidentiality agreement being signed will be deemed to be non-confidential.

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Company Profile

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Syngenta Ventures

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