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Production & Supply

Efficient production and reliable supply are essential to meet customers’ requirements for high-quality products in the right amount and at the right time.

Active ingredients for our crop protection products are made at eight major manufacturing sites – in the USA, UK, Switzerland, China and India. A further 18 facilities around the world produce and package the finished products, bringing new products to local markets quickly, and reducing costs in production and supply. We are continuing to invest in our production facilities to increase our own manufacturing capacity, particularly for active ingredients in high demand.

Our seeds are produced at Syngenta sites and by thousands of contract growers around the world. We work with local suppliers to assure our seeds are tailored for individual geographical regions to be high yielding and reliable under local conditions.

Major suppliers play a critical role in our ability to meet demand for crop protection products and seeds, and we invest in these relationships to minimize risks and maximize benefits. An important part of our relationship with suppliers is to ensure they meet high standards on health, safety and environment, and labor standards. (Syngenta’s Minimum Requirements for Suppliers).

Monitoring the financial health of suppliers helps us prevent interruptions in supply. We conduct regular checks of existing suppliers and all new suppliers must undergo a financial health check before they are contracted.

Keeping our suppliers informed about our business helps to build our relationships. Our aim is to be a preferred customer for our strategic suppliers. Regular meetings, along with open and constructive audits, help promote long-term relationships with Syngenta.