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Syngenta Maroc S.A.

8, Avenue Mehdi Ben Barka and
Eugenia Street angle 2nd floor, Hay Riad
Rabat 10110

Phone:+212 5 22 66 79 10
Fax: 0522 34 38 62

Syngenta Semences S.A.

BP 468
80 000 Agadir Principale

Ph : +212 48 81 20 71
Fax. +212 48 81 20 01

Our ambition

Syngenta’s products and offers can help address one of the planet’s most challenging dilemmas: how to grow more crops using fewer resources. Our ambition is to bring greater food security in an environmentally sustainable way to an increasingly populous world by creating a worldwide step-change in farm productivity. Our ambition encompasses the 8 million large farms worldwide with over 100 hectares as well as the 450 million small farms with 2 hectares or less.

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Company Profile

Company Profile

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