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Global Presence

Syngenta is a global agribusiness company headquarted in Basel, Switzerland. It has a large number of Research and Development facilities and Production sites all over the world. Click on the names below or scroll down to learn more about the main sites.



Regional HQs

Headquarters in Basel

The Syngenta International AG headquarters is located in Basel at the Rosental site. It includes the offices of the Chairman of the Board and the members of the Executive Committee, as well as most of the corporate functions such as Finance, Legal, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs. Basel is also home to the European commercial operations, as well as the Lawn and Garden business. Approximately 1200 employees are working at the Rosental site in Basel.

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Main R&D sites

Stein, Switzerland

The research site in Stein, Switzerland is a scientific center of excellence for our crop protection research activities. Employees in Switzerland work closely with their colleagues at Jealott’s Hill International Research Center in the UK.

In Stein, approximately 300 experts focus on developing new insecticides, herbicides and Professional Products. The site’s state-of-the-art facilities include custom-designed buildings, greenhouses, growth chambers and laboratories. In total, the site has over 100 growth cabinets, which can be used to simulate climatic conditions present just about anywhere on earth. Additionally, a number of large greenhouses allow experiments to be conducted on a larger scale than is possible in the growth cabinets. The biological sciences facilities of the Stein site were recently expanded in order to meet long-term growth objectives of the company.

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Jealott’s Hill International Research Center, UK

Located approximately 30 miles from London, Jealott’s Hill is a Syngenta Center of Excellence for agrochemical research and product support. First established in 1927, it is our largest research and development site, employing around 800 scientists and support staff. Jealott’s Hill International Research Center has always been widely recognized as a leading center for the creation of new ideas and products. Key activities on the site include research into discovery of new active ingredients, technical support of our product range, and new formulation technologies to support product refreshment of existing active ingredients. Jealott’s Hill is also a key site for Environmental assessment.

As a leading center for discovery, Jealott’s Hill houses our main chemical collection of hundreds of thousands of compounds. Over 200,000 chemicals are added to the collection from a variety of sources each year. Sophisticated storage and retrieval robotics and software are used to dispense millions of samples annually, often in microgram quantities, to researchers seeking new crop protection products. State-of-the-art, high-throughput screens are developed and operated at Jealott’s Hill to provide starting points for new active ingredient research pursued both on site and in Switzerland.

Jealott’s Hill is the largest agribusiness research center in the UK and one of the largest in the industry. It has been, and will continue to be, the birthplace not just of new products, but also of new approaches to both crop protection and food production within the framework of sustainable agriculture. Half of the 250-hectare site is a commercial farm used to demonstrate integrated crop management techniques.

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Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc., Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

Syngenta Biotechnology Inc. (SBI), in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, is the key North American site for Syngenta’s crop genetics research and development. More than 270 scientists and support personnel work at the facility, combining a broad range of different techniques – from genetic enhancement of plants to functional genomics. Their common ambition is the development of practical and commercial solutions to the problems farmers are facing today. Another objective of our agricultural biotechnology research at SBI is to improve the quality and nutritional benefits of food crops.

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Syngenta Biotechnology China Co., Ltd., China

Established in Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Beijing, Syngenta Biotechnology China (SBC), was opened in October 2008. SBC is the first foreign-funded agricultural biotech research institution in China, wholly owned by Syngenta.
SBC employs over 200 scientific and technical personnel and is one of Syngenta’s major global research centers.
Its research focus includes early-stage evaluation of new biotechnology traits for key crops such as corn and soy, in the areas of yield improvement, water optimization, and pest resistance.
SBC has a global scope and complements Syngenta’s biotech research activities in the U S.

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Goa, India

The research center hosts two chemistry research laboratories where new chemical entities for biological testing in Switzerland and the UK are produced: the Kilolab, Syngenta’s only global resource to produce test compounds for field and toxicity trials, and a GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) analytics group.

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Main production sites

Monthey, Switzerland

Monthey is the largest and one of the most significant Syngenta production sitess worldwide and employs more than 800 people. The site produces herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for the protection of the most important crops such as cotton, rice and corn.

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Kaisten, Switzerland

Together with Münchwilen, the Kaisten site forms the section “Rheintal Operations”. 40 employees supply the worldwide demand of the main component of various Syngenta herbicides.

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Grangemouth, UK

The Grangemouth Manufacturing Center has three active ingredient facilities and one formulation site, all commissioned within the last 10 years. It employs around 275 personnel who work in manufacturing, engineering, support, compliance and local technology and project development. Formulation of our product range for the global market is also carried out at Grangemouth, making use of state-of-the-art facilities and production techniques.

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Huddersfield, UK

Approximately 400 employees are based at the Huddersfield Manufacturing Center, which is also home to some other functions such as UK Purchasing. The center’s technology, projects, and process studies specialists provide technical support for the center and our other global supply sites.

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Greens Bayou, TX, USA

At the Greens Bayou Biosciences site in Texas, approximately 330 employees produce ingredients as well as final products for Crop Protection. These products, e.g. fungicides, are used for some of the world’s most consumed vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes.

Omaha, NE, USA

The Omaha site in Nebraska is a diversified chemical formulating and packaging facility located in the heart of the agricultural Midwest. The site includes 25 buildings located on 42 acres and has 50 employees. It is located adjacent to a Burlington Northern rail hub and has six rail sidings with a combined 50 car storage capacity. Material storage capabilities at the site include a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse and over 2 million gallons of chemical storage in approximately 70 tanks.

St. Gabriel, LA, USA

Syngenta Crop Protection in St. Gabriel, Louisiana is a highly automated, continuous process site. The St. Gabriel site was established in 1970. The site is located 12 miles south of Baton Rouge on a 1.2-acre (4860 m2) track of land, bordered on two sides by the Mississippi River. The St. Gabriel site is a major crop protection manufacturing location for Syngenta. Manufacturing operations are anchored by the large-scale chemical synthesis and formulations of selective weed control products. Top-quality, low-cost production is achieved through highly automated continuous processing. Modern packaging and bulk loading facilities insure accurate and on-time delivery of bulk and finished goods to customers. Significant batch processing capabilities exist in multiple units around the site.

Aigues-Vives, France

Aigues-Vives is a European regional production site for Syngenta in the South of France. 165 employees process 17000 tons of liquid crop protection products each year, whereof 75 per cent are herbicides. The 32-acre site has a direct connection with the railway network and is easily accessible. Besides five formulation assets and three fill and pack assets, it hosts a fully automated high-bay warehouse with a capacity of 5000 pallets.

St. Pierre-la-Garenne, France

The 14-ha Syngenta production site in St. Pierre-la-Garenne is located about 60 km northwest of Paris. 175 employees produce a total of approximately 50,000 tons of liquid and solid fungicides per year. The site on the edge of the river Seine also hosts the Regional Distribution Center for France.

Nantong, People’s Republic of China

The Syngenta Crop Protection site in the Economic and Technological Development Area of Nantong was China’s largest agrichemical project when it opened in 2001 and it still keeps expanding. The site operates Active Ingredients and Formulation & Packaging facilities and hosts a Technology Center. 120 employees produce large amounts of active ingredients, herbicides and fungicides for the domestic and export markets.

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Paulinia, Brazil

At the Formulation & Packaging site in Paulinia, some 270 employees formulate and pack crop protection products, such as insecticides, and professional products for Public Health. Approximately 100,000 tons per year are produced for the Brazil and southern Latin American (Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile) markets.

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Regional Headquarters

Europe, Africa and Middle East (EAME)

The headquarters for Syngenta’s Europe, Africa and Middle East operations is in Basel

North America (NA)

Syngenta has two regional commercial head offices in Greensboro, North Carolina and Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA, that include Marketing, Product Management, Public Relations, Legal, Human Resources, Regulatory Affairs, Supply Chain, Finance and Information Technology.

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Latin America (LATAM)

The office in São Paulo, Brazil is the headquarters for the Crop Protection and Seeds businesses for the LATAM region, employing some 300 people. Brazil itself represents about 70 per cent of Syngenta sales in LATAM.

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Asia Pacific (APAC)

Syngenta's APAC activities are headquartered in Singapore. The country was chosen as a regional base due to its proximity to the surrounding regions of South-east Asia, Australasia, China and India, where large tracts of land are assigned to crops. In the Keppel Bay Tower, around 150 Syngenta employees administrate the business for the Asia Pacific Region.

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