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Syngenta in the Media

The following selection of articles from leading international media feature Syngenta, our people and products.

Swiss Style

January 17, 2014
"Growing More With Less"

Syngenta's CEO Michael Mack talks strategy for meeting the challenge of food security.

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January 6, 2014
Mike Mack on BBC HARDtalk

Syngenta CEO Mike Mack debates topics including the challenge of feeding a growing global population, the role of biotechnology and the level of public trust in agriculture.


April 3, 2013
"Open Sourcing Food Security"

Article illuminating questions of ownership for seeds, patents on traits or core technologies; including Syngenta's e-licensing platform 'TraitAbility', which gives access to patented Syngenta traits for commercial vegetables and to enabling technologies.

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WIPO Magazine

Issue 2/2013
"Adapting IP to an evolving agricultural innovation landscape"

Read Syngenta's contribution in WIPO magazine on how its landmark web-based platform heralds a new era for the sharing of plant science innovation.

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The Times

July 9, 2012
"Giving the world the tools to feed itself"

In an interview with The Times, Syngenta CEO Mike Mack talks about agriculture's potential to feed the world's growing population in the next decades.

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Nov 10, 2010
"Africa is the world's biggest organic farm"

CEO Mike Mack in an interview with Swiss business paper Handelszeitung.

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The European Financial Review

Oct 21, 2010
Peak Water

"The mounting water crisis and how agriculture can help provide the solution" – read Syngenta's take on it.

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Finanz und Wirtschaft

Sep 07, 2010
"Productivity in Switzerland is high"

Syngenta CEO Mike Mack in an interview with Swiss business paper Finanz und Wirtschaft.

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