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The 8th International Wheat Conference

June 1 – 4, 2010, St. Petersburg, Russia

Wheat ConferenceBringing together over 600 scientists from more than 80 countries, the 8th International Wheat Conference (IWC) convened in St. Petersburg, Russia, to discuss the current status and perspectives of global wheat production and how to improve wheat yields and quality standards through technology. Wheat is the second-largest produced crop in the world and its demand is growing faster than its productivity increase. Derek Cornes, R&D Crop Lead Cereals at Syngenta, joined the conference to reinforce Syngenta’s commitment to wheat with his presentation ‘Advancing wheat through integrated technologies and partnerships’.

“As a leader in the global cereals market, Syngenta is committed to creating new technology platforms which set unprecedented standards for yields, quality and sustainability,” said Cornes. “We believe that partnerships are essential for advancing innovation in wheat. They will speed up new developments and support investments in wheat breeding, which benefits all stakeholders in the value chain.”

Wheat is grown on more hectares worldwide than any other crop. With 70% of all produce being used for food, the importance of advancing wheat supplies is vital to working towards ensuring global food security. “Today, wheat is a crop under economic pressure, with low yield growth and low acreage intensity,” said Cornes. “The potential of the current toolbox must be unlocked if we want to progress wheat production and maximize potential productivity gains.”

Organized by the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) and the N.I. Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry (VIR), among others, the 8th IWC conference again provided a platform for scientists from all over the world to discuss the next steps needed to advance the productivity of one of the world’s most valuable crops. The program included more than 50 presentations, covering all areas concerning wheat research and breeding, and poster sessions providing some 300 overviews from around the world.

Learn more about the event here.

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