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Partnerships to tackle growers' challenges

March 04, 2013

Syngenta and IRRI have signed a second public-private partnership that aims to help deliver technology-driven solutions to rice farmers and the rice industry.

Partnerships to tackle growers' challenges

Syngenta and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) have signed a Cooperation Agreement to enter into a second Scientific Know-how Exchange Program, also known as SKEP. Three years ago, a similar commitment was made by both collaborating partners. This public-private partnership aims to help deliver technology-driven solutions to rice farmers and the rice industry in the face of climate change and global food security challenges.

Growers today are faced with tackling an increasing amount of challenges, from finding ways to optimize their crops to reducing agriculture’s environmental footprint. More than ever before, farmers need innovative tools to improve their productivity in an environmentally sustainable way. Collaboration between the private sector and the public sector, such as research institutes, can provide access to the knowledge and skills growers need.

Agricultural innovations come from both public and private sector research and almost always involve a lot of time, resources and financial uncertainty. The public and private sectors also often play different research and commercialization roles and possess a broad range of complementary abilities, resources and expertise.

In line with Syngenta’s strong commitment to rice and to improving the productivity of rice farmers, this new collaboration will focus on extending marker development, crop health management and expanding into the areas of researching rice productive biology, plant architecture and genes,” Andrew Guthrie, Syngenta Asia-Pacific regional Director, explains. “The first phase of the SKEP generated a great amount of valuable experience and information. We look forward to SKEP II and the results and opportunities it will bring.

The first partnership Syngenta and IRRI signed in April 2010 allowed them to pool their expertise and resources and focus on a number of areas such as characterizing the genetic diversity of rice, marker-assisted breeding application, and dealing with rice productivity constraints.

Read more about the first Syngenta and IRRI’s partnership.

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