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Syngenta sunflower offer blooms

November 21, 2012

sunflower As consumers become increasingly health conscious, demand is rising for healthier vegetable oils such as sunflower. Syngenta is at the forefront of efforts to help growers meet rising demand sustainably. Its acquisition of Sunfield Seeds is a case in point.

Sunflower oil, the main by-product of sunflower seeds, is used primarily in food applications. It is becoming increasingly popular because of its high unsaturated fat content and potential health benefits.

Production is steadily increasing with sunflower oil now representing around 9 per cent of total global vegetable oil consumption.

To help growers meet this rising demand sustainably, Syngenta is focused on enhancing all aspects of its sunflower offer. We use cutting-edge breeding methods to develop seeds. This makes it possible to tailor them to different geographies and weather conditions. We breed sunflowers that feature a particular composition of unsaturated fatty acids and are more resistant to disease or exhibit certain plant protectants.

Syngenta recently announced the acquisition of Sunfield Seeds, a leading provider of sunflower seed production and processing services to more than 30 countries. Sunfield is based in California, which is among the world’s best seed production areas with a Mediterranean climate, plentiful rainfall and fertile soil.

“We have a long history of working with Sunfield and are delighted that its people and operations will join Syngenta,” explains Davor Pisk, Chief Operating Officer. “It will enable us to strengthen our leadership in sunflower, which has been founded on strong breeding capabilities and a global network of breeding stations. Above all, our ability to meet rising demand for our high quality sunflower seeds will be enhanced.”

The acquisition of Sunfield Seeds is the latest strategic move Syngenta has made in the sunflower sector. The company also recently signed an agreement with BASF to license its Clearfield® Plus herbicide tolerance technology. BASF has also agreed to supply Syngenta with imazamox-based herbicides for use with Clearfield and Clearfield Plus sunflowers in Europe.

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