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Key Crops

Syngenta uses its expertise in plant breeding, crop protection and seed care to deliver solutions designed to bring plant potential to life. Whether they grow corn or rice, vegetables or flowers, farmers around the world trust Syngenta to help them produce healthy, premium crops and minimize the use of precious natural resources.

Benefitting the grower: We are building on our broad portfolio strength to realize untapped technology potential. Learn more >


Global technology: Exploiting our rich portfolio and technology across our unique geographic presence. Learn more > 


Lawn & GardenLawn & Garden
Leveraging Syngenta technology: Providing innovative and integrated solutions to shape the market and enrich the living experience of customers worldwide. Learn more >


OilseedsOilseeds and sugar beet
Deep agronomic knowledge: Driving and expanding grower relationships through market leadership in sunflowers. Learn more >


Improving growers' lives: We are transforming rice production. Learn more >


SoybeanSoybean: The meat of the future? 
Global demand for soybean as a primary source of protein and edible oil has surged in recent years. Learn more >


speciality cropsSpecialty crops: The fabric of our lives
Billions of people around the world have daily contact with Specialty crops like potato, coffee, and cotton. Learn more >


Sugar caneSugar cane
A revolution in production: Our integrated technology drives transformation. Learn more >


Customer needs: Meeting multiple needs across the value chain. Learn more >