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The fungicidal solution that is inspired by nature

An innovation in plant disease control originally inspired by a species of forest-dwelling mushroom, which produced its own natural fungicide, AMISTAR® and its related brands is now the world’s No1 fungicide. Through its broad-spectrum activity it delivers consistent yield and quality benefits around the world in a broad array of crop types.
The active ingredient, azoxystrobin, belongs to a class of fungicides named strobilurins, which act by inhibiting mitochondrial respiration in fungi, stopping their energy supply. Today, growers use AMISTAR® for fungal control and yield enhancement in cereals such as wheat and barley as well as in vines, fruits, vegetables, bananas, rice, soybeans, corn, turf and ornamentals.

  AMISTAR is a broad-spectrum fungicide ideally suited for use in IPM programs
Active ingredient Azoxystrobin
Mode of action Azoxystrobin possesses a novel biochemical mode of action. Its fungicidal activity results from the inhibition of mitochondrial respiration in fungi.
Targets A large number of economically important diseases
Main crops Cereals, vines, fruits and vegetables, rice, turf and ornamentals
Geography AMISTAR® is registered for use in over 70 countries for over 85 crops
Main customer benefits
  • Its unique broad-spectrum profile.
  • Its consistent yield and quality response.
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