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Herbicides - TOUCHDOWN®

Innovative herbicide technology for total weed control

TOUCHDOWN® is a non-selective herbicide and the active ingredient, glyphosate, is registered for the control of over 170 weed species on 230 crops, making it a key crop management tool for growers. It is used to remove all weeds prior to planting the crop and as part of a weed control program in glyphosate tolerant crops such as corn and soybeans.

  TOUCHDOWN®, through the integration of unique IQ TECHNOLOGY, is the solution for controlling broadleaf weeds and grasses.
Additional brands Zap QI,®, Sulfosato Touchdown ® Ouragan®
Active ingredient Glyphosate
Mode of action TOUCHDOWN contains a unique, enhanced delivery system (IQ TECHNOLOGY) resulting in a reliably high performance. It can be used at any time and on any crop (including glyphosate-tolerant crops), as required by the grower's weed management program.
Targets Broadleaf weeds and grasses
Main crops A large variety of crops.
Main customer benefits
  • Reliable, flexible and broad spectrum weed control
  • High loading of active ingredient
  • Full adjuvant loading
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