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Insecticides - KARATE ZEON®

Does the job with advanced protection

Millions of farmers around the world use KARATE ZEON®. This insecticide, enhanced by ZEON® technology for advanced protection, is the ideal solution for many pests and crops. It is the powerful brand backed by Syngenta that farmers can depend upon. KARATE ZEON® is effective on a broad range of insects at all stages of development. It is an intelligent solution in which the active ingredient is contained inside microscopic polymer capsules.

  KARATE ZEON® sets a new standard in insecticide technology.
Additional brands ICON®, DEMAND®, COMMODORE®, WARRIOR II®,
Active ingredient Lambda-cyhalothrin
Mode of action Rapidly penetrates the insect cuticle, disrupting nerve conduction within minutes. This leads to cessation of feeding, loss of muscular control, paralysis and eventual death.
Targets The most damaging chewing and sucking insects on a wide range of crops
Main crops Registered on more than 140 crops including cotton, maize, cereals and vegetables
Geography Registered in over 100 countries including all leading regulatory authorities
Date of first launch 1985
Main customer benefits
  • Highly active and a low dose product. Each pack treats a larger area providing more convenience for the grower
  • Bee repellent
  • Fast release micro capsules ensure fast pest control
  • High performance in difficult weather conditions
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