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Powerful® insect control in vegetables and cotton

PROCLAIM® is a naturally derived product and a highly potent modern insecticide for use against caterpillars. It has a unique mode of action that inhibits caterpillars from feeding and is highly effective in controlling resistant insect streams, while its prolonged activity ensures growers powerful crop protection. PROCLAIM® rapidly degrades within hours on the surface of foliage by photo-oxidative processes and is an ideal partner for the food chain, fulfilling the highest demand for low residues in fresh produce.

PROCLAIM® is a powerful product that controls lepidoptera in vegetable and cotton crops.
Additional brands AFFIRM®, DENIM™
Active ingredient Emamectin benzoate
Mode of action PROCLAIM® acts on nerve cells to suppress muscle contraction. The insect is paralyzed and stops feeding within hours of ingesting PROCLAIM®, preventing subsequent crop damage.
Targets Lepidoptera. Side effects on mites, leafminers and thrips.
Main crops Vegetables (Brassica, leafy and fruiting vegetables) and cotton
Geography Japan, Australia, South Korea, USA, Taiwan, Mexico, Indonesia, Israel, Thailand
Date of first launch 1998
Main customer benefits
  • A powerful, modern insecticide used at very low use rates (8-11grams a.i. per hectare).
  • A reliable partner and fast-acting product, making it a sound economic choice for the grower
  • Short pre-harvest Intervals and re-entry intervals offer high flexibility with respect to application timing and harvest

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