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Insecticides - VERTIMEC®

Returning to nature as a source of inspiration

VERTIMEC® is a leading acaricide/insecticide in numerous countries on a wide variety of crops. With its exceptionally low dosage rate, it has a very good fit in IPM/ICM programs, not affecting populations of beneficial insects. Low residues in harvest fruit and vegetables make it an ideal choice for farmers to produce to the highest demand set by the food chain for low residues.

  VERTIMEC®, an acaricide/insecticide, is used for the control of mites and insects on a number of crops.
Additional brands AGRIMEC®, AGRI-MEK®, DYNAMEC®, ZEPHYR®
Active ingredient Abamectin
Mode of action Ingestion of abamectin results in rapid paralysis and subsequent death of insect and mite pests.
Targets Mites (including two-spotted and rust mites), leafminers (vegetable and citrus leafminers) and psylla
Main crops Citrus, pome fruit, cotton and vegetables
Geography Registered in many countries worldwide including the US and Europe.
Date of first launch 1985
Main customer benefits
  • An excellent fit into integrated pest management systems, leading to reduced reliance on pesticides and lower residues.
  • Forms a “insecticide reservoir” in the leaf tissue giving long residual activity.
  • Short PHI - can be used close to harvest with little disruption to harvest schedules
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