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The reference in modern broad spectrum insecticides

DURIVO® offers growers performance and convenience in the production of healthier crops and harvest. The DURIVO® product line is a range of diamide chemistry based broad spectrum insecticides that perform with less sprays needed, and helps to deliver improved yields.

Durivo product line:

VIRTAKO® is a brand designed to protect rice from stemborers, leafrollers and hoppers, while invigorating the plants; the young crops are visibly greener and stronger.

DURIVO® is a unique soil systemic broad-spectrum product, designed to control soil pests as well as foliar lepidoptera and sucking pests that damage vegetables and other crops. One single application replaces several foliar treatments and energizes the young plants. They grow more vigorously delivering enhanced marketable yield.

VOLIAM FLEXI® is the modern broad-spectrum foliar insecticide for flexible use in fruit and vegetables throughout the season, with a step change in applicator convenience. The brand is supported by global broad labels and import tolerances.

 VOLIAM TARGO® is the new benchmark for the control of lepidoptera, mites and leafminers. Growers will use the brand to produce high quality fruit and vegetables and for its global and broad labels and import tolerances.

AMPLIGO® is the simple and easy broad-spectrum insecticide solution replacing older chemistries in field vegetables, arable and field crops.

  DURIVO® is innovation in performance and convenience
Additional brands VOLIAM XPRESS® (US only)

SOROS (S. Korea only)
Active ingredient Chlorantraniliprole based solutions
Mode of action multiple
Targets Lepidoptera, sucking pests, mites
Main crops Rice, Fruit, vegetables, Soya, Corn, Cotton
Geography Argentina, Brazil, China, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, USA, Vietnam
Date of first launch 2008
Main customer benefits Performance, Convenience, Costs Savings, Healthier Crops for better yields

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