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  The foundation fungicide for broad-spectrum disease control.
Mode of action This systemic product prevents demethylation of the C-14 carbon of lanosterol, thus preventing its conversion to ergosterol. Ergosterol is essential for the growth and development of certain fungi. BANNER® MAXX® does not inhibit germination or penetration of fungi.
Targets Wide range of fungal diseases
Main crops Golf Courses
Turf Production Farms
Tree Care & Shrub Care
Lawns and landscape areas around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial building, parks, recreational areas and athletic fields
Geography Canada, Japan, US
Main customer benefits
  • Provides broad-spectrum, systemic disease control for turf and ornamentals
  • Formulation provides effective, systemic control at low use rates
  • This microemulsion concentrate liquid formulation has minimal odor, mixes easier to the spray tank and results in less wear and tear on equipment