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  A turf management tool that maximizes performance, pre-conditions for stress prevention, and optimizes the mowing effort.
Additional brands SHORTCUT®, LESMOW®, SPATIO®
Mode of action PRIMO® MAXX® is a Class A Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) and is a Late Gibberellin (GA1) Biosynthesis Inhibitor.
Targets Unlike other PGR's, PRIMO MAXX targets the part of the plant which inhibits vertical growth while enabling rich colour, lateral stems and root mass development. The purpose of pre-stress conditioning is to prepare turf grass for extreme conditions before they hit.
Main crops Golf courses, residential and commercial lawns, sod production, sports fields, cemeteries, and similar areas
Geography Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, UK, United Arab Emirates and US
Main customer benefits
  • Repeat applications improve turf quality and stress tolerance, allowing plants to survive adverse weather better and keep the course in playable condition.
  • This micro-emulsion formulation is as clear as water, odorless and causes no staining or smell on the golf course
  • Turf growth is reduced about 50% for up to four weeks when applied at label rate. So PRIMO MAXX product cost will pay for itself with labor and equipment savings.
    Mowing equipment life is extended and equipment performance is improved
  • Improves overseeding establishment
  • Turf treated with PRIMO MAXX results in grass which is healthier, has a more durable blade with a higher tolerance to weather extremes