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Seed Care

Seeds carry the genetic potential of crops. They also carry substantial amounts of energy, which makes them highly attractive for pests and diseases.

seedSeed treatments are chemical or biological substances or physical processes applied to seeds or seedlings. They help to protect the seeds and assure optimum emergence of the crop. Application of a chemical to seeds is a very well-targeted method of reducing attacks on the growing plant by insects and diseases.
Today, Syngenta is the leader in fungicides for seed treatment with the brands DIVIDEND®, MAXIM® and APRON® XL. 

Products Main countries of use Description
APRON® XL USA, France, Canada, Australia, UK, Italy Systemic seed treatment fungicide to control seed and soilborne diseases such as Pythium spp.- Phytophthora spp. and downy mildews on cotton, sunflower, soybeans, peas and many other crops.
AVICTA™ USA, EU, Brazil Seed treatment nematicide
AVICTA™ Seed Treatment USA Seed treatment
France, Germany, UK, Poland, Italy Broad-spectrum seed treatment fungicide for cereals and other crops. CELEST® is based on fludioxonil with its unique mode of action.
CONCEP® III USA Seed safener protects grain or forage sorghum to allow the use of DUAL and BICEP brand herbicides.
USA, Canada, Brazil, India, Italy, South Africa Neonicotinoid seed treatment insecticide based on thiamethoxam, for use against soil-dwelling and early season pests in a broad range of crops.
USA, Canada, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Brazil, Italy A broad-spectrum, systemic seed treatment fungicide, based on difenoconazole, which is used in cereals, soybeans, sweet-corn, cotton and as combination partner with fludioxonil, metalaxyl-m and thiamethoxam in canola.
DYNASTY™ USA Broad-spectrum seed treatment fungicide for use in corn, cotton and peanuts. The main active ingredient is azoxystrobin.
FORCE® ST USA, Argentina Seed treatment insecticide for control of soil pests in a wide variety of crops.
MAXIM® USA, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada Broad-spectrum seed treatment fungicide for potatoes, corn, soybeans, vegetables and other crops. MAXIM® is based on fludioxonil with its unique mode of action.
VIBRANCE™ Argentina, Australia, Canada, Czech. Republic, France, USA VIBRANCE™ is a proprietary seed treatment fungicide based on the new active ingredient sedaxane. It is the first Syngenta molecule developed specifically for the seed treatment market. VIBRANCE offers unique RootingPower™ that results in stronger, healthier roots for higher crop performance – right from the start.
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