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Seedcare - VIBRANCE


VIBRANCETM, novel Syngenta Seedcare compound for Root Health, with unique RootingPowerTM

VIBRANCE™ seed treatment is a proprietary fungicide based on the new active ingredient sedaxane. It is the first Syngenta molecule developed specifically for the seed treatment market. VIBRANCE offers unique RootingPower that results in stronger, healthier roots for higher crop performance – right from the start.

Root Health: key to improving crop performance

Root Healch

Changes in agriculture worldwide - including increased demand for food and biofuel, - drive new research directions such as Root Health. This research increasingly focuses on the ability of roots to efficiently use water and nutrients as a key to further improvements in crop productivity. VIBRANCE is a major step towards integrated root health solutions.

Ensuring healthier, stronger roots for all major crops – right from the start

With a new mode of action, VIBRANCE defends roots against a wide range of diseases carried in soil and air, as well as against seed infection. It provides long-lasting protection of the entire plant root system through critical development stages of the crop and under a wide range of environmental conditions. The resulting optimized root performance lays the foundation for stable, robust yields.

VIBRANCE on a worldwide scale

Syngenta announced the first registration in Argentina for use on cereals in May 2011. Additional registrations in France, USA, Canada, Czech Republic and Australia were granted in 2012. Further registrations in all major crops and geographies worldwide are expected over the next two years.

  VIBRANCE offers unique RootingPower that results in stronger, healthier roots for higher crop performance – right from the start
Active ingredient Sedaxane
Mode of action

Belongs to the new SDHIs (succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors) class of fungicides

Targets Long-lasting protection against difficult-to-control seed-, soil- and air-borne pathogens such as: Tilletia spp., Ustilago spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Gaeumannomyces, Cochiobolus spp., Monogaphella spp., Macrophomina sp., Microdochium nivale, Phoma sp., Sclerotinia sp., Sclerotium spp., Cercospora sojina, Verticilium sp., Typhula incarnate, Asian soy rust, Corn Headsmut
Main crops Cereals, soybeans, canola/oilseed rape, corn, potatoes, rice and others (such as sugar beet, sunflowers, pulses)
Geography VIBRANCE is currently registered for sale and use in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France and the USA. Registrations are pending in other countries throughout the world; please check with your local regulatory authority for further information.
Date of first launch 2011 in Argentina
Main customer benefits
  • Long-lasting protection of the roots throughout critical crop development stages
  • More efficient water and nutrient uptake
  • Stronger stems and foliage that better withstand environmental stress – foundation for robust yield
  • Protection of crop genetics and improved yield potential
  • Proactive approach to resistance management through new mode of action

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